Chairman Desk
Our Chairman says.

The Profession of Pharmacy is an integral part of the healthcare system worldwide. The traditional role of pharmacists is expanding and now pharmacists are playing a role as a vital team member in healthcare services. Pharmacy Education has undergone many conceptual changes since its establishment as a discipline of health education, innovation and research aGer the industrial revolution.Today, technological society is synonymous with a tinkering culture, where every individual has basic technical skills.JIPR in born out of my desire to return something good to Society since it has given me a lot. I sincerely feel that the best way to do it would be to launch an Institute which would impart technical and professional education to young students.the Institute is gearing up to face ever changing social-setup and acting proactively, would mean addressing the following issues Dynamism in curriculum to excite and challenge the intellect of the student community assessment methodology institute-industry interaction; Upgrade institute into top-class research institute.I feel the prospects of a Pharmacists Educational Training is as equally practical and theoretical, that will embrace Cultivation of Human Qualities and will enable Pharmacists to meet Menas well as Mater.The future is pro mising and let us make a joint endeavour to mould the institute enriched with a long tradition and scientific achievements into a temple of learning, widening the horizons of science and technology in service to the community and society.

Chairman Shri Ajabrao M. Watile JIPR,Yavatmal.

Shri Ajabrao Watile