Secretary Desk
Our Secretary says.

"The role of shaping the modern world which is being played by pharmacists can hardly be exaggerated. Hence the ultimate aim of our institute is to promote a multifaceted development of the students.Then only they would be competent enough to fulfil the ensuing demand of the society.The other aim of our institute is to play a protective role in the fulfillment of aims by imparting relevant theoretical and practical knowledge and adequate facilities in research and development.� I would like to introduce you to one of the best educational institutions, Jagadambha Institute of Pharmacy & Research, Kalamb imparting quality education to the young people of the region & around.The campus of the College is sprawled over an area of about 4 acres. We have tried our best to develop an excellent reputation for high quality teaching, providing learning opportunities & Supervisory Management.We can offer excellent teaching standards and student achievements.I think this college has been doing its level best to come up to the expectation of its students, parents as well as well-wishers.I am confident that the college is able to embrace a team of finest faculty and other necessary facilities that are needed for the teaching-learning process so that students and value each student as a unique individual by supporting personal standards.As secretary, I would like to wish 'Best of Luck' to the new-comers, and the entire faculty for their noble atempt and hard work towards making this college a centre for excellence.I am confident that you will be pleased with the overall quality.

Secretary Dr. Shittal A. Watile, JIPR,Yavatmal.

Dr. Shittal A. Watile